UKIP Southport

Southport Town Hall

Southport Town Parish Council Initiative

One of our objectives as UKIP Southport is to regain Southport’s Independence from Sefton. Historically the majority of Southport residents did not want to be included in Merseyside or Sefton and today many of…

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A Right Royal Mess – The Privatisation Of Royal Mail

On this issue, UKIP strongly supports the Trade Unions despite 3 successive EU Postal Services Directives, championed by Labour MEP Brian Simpson, forcing us to accept this unwanted policy. Supported by Conservative Chancellor, George…

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Energy Bills a Problem

As the Lib/Lab/Cons all continue to support ruinously expensive green levies controlled by the hands of the Brussels Puppeteers, we are all; including Britain’s most vulnerable, facing HUGE increases to our energy bills. Despite…

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Double Standard For Double Yellow Lines

In a desperate attempt to woo motorists, the Conservative/LibDem coalition say they are considering allowing 15 minutes parking on double yellow lines. The obvious question to be asked is: What is the purpose of…